29 July 2010

The Mountains.

We have finally arrived to the wonderful state of Colorado. Not a bad trip at all. I may even be persuaded to say that it was a wonderful trip. But shall I go one step further and say it was a really fun road trip!
We are still about an hour from our hotel and I am thinking about my kids. I am thinking about their limited life experience. I am thinking about what they envision a mountain to look like. We have recently been spending a little time in Stillwater. As you know the hills throughout the town are quite steep. Do my kids stand down by the river and look up those steep hills and think they are mountains? When we drive on 35 southbound through Lakeville, there is Buck Hill. Do my kids watch out the window of the car as we drive by and look at those hills and think they are mountains?
As we pulled into the state of Colorado it’s clear that the landscape is becoming more ‘rolling’ than we have already seen. I heard Cole say ‘Oh look! I think I see a mountain over there!‘ What are their little minds picturing as mountains. Of course they have seen them in movies, but what will they think of seeing them in real life for the first time.
I also can’t help but relate this to their walk with/knowledge of Christ. Right now it’s limited. As far as they are concerned God has made the flowers and the rain. He has made ants and toads. He has made the sun and food. He has made Daddy and Mommy. I think the biggest thing they have seen that God has made, besides the sky, is Lake Superior, which I think is magnificent.
What will they think about the mountains? God created ants, He can fix ant-sized problems. God created trees, so He can fix tree-sized problems. God created Daddy, who IS the strongest most capable man on earth, so God can fix Daddy-sized problems. But now that they have set their little eyes on real mountains, God can fix anything…or at least that is my prayer as we enter Colorado.
So next time we go to Stillwater they can gaze up those hills and know they are just hills,
because they have seen the mountains.


We are on day one of our ten day trip. It is currently 6.35 in the morning and all of my children have been up for two hours.
In those past two hours the day has brought me a beautiful blazing red sunrise, continuing with blankets of thick white fog covering the many fields and meadows of peaceful southern Minnesota, the cornfields with their lush dark green stalks and the yellow tips stretching tall to the sky, and serene calm warm lakes reflecting back perfectly all their surroundings (a favorite memory i have as a child is one from my cabin on Church Pine Lake. I was skiing in the morning on a perfectly calm lake in late summer. I was cutting the wake back and forth and as I would lean in to the next turn the water would rush over the ski boot and my shin every time… it was soooo warm and soooo soft - one of my best memories…I do love to ski.).
Sigh…..I do love road trips. Thank you Lord for this short time of worshipping You through Your great creation.
Stay tuned for what the rest of the day brings me….I’m sure it will have lots to do with eating/spilling food - in the van, and peeing in water bottles - in the van, and crying - in the van, and ARE WE THERE YET??? - in the van, and stop taking your brother’s books - in the van, and take a nap! - in the van, and no you can’t have anymore cookies - in the van (which is what Sean had for breakfast, although they are oatmeal cookies and I think they taste pretty good, so I’ve heard), - in the van, and - in the van, and - in the van, and - in the van.

17 July 2010

Twins Win!

OK! So it has been quite awhile since I have written anything. There has been much to talk about, but nothing really specific to mention. Events taking place, none about which I was compelled to write. It's odd. I usually always have something to say about everything (as Sean would whole heartedly agree).

There is one subject on which I want to blog, but I need permission from my hubby to talk 'publicly' about it....sex (oops, I said it!!! Sorry, it just slipped out).

I digress, now on to the main reason for this post.

Last night Sean and I went on a LONG AWAITED date.

He was thinking....Yes! A BEAUtiful night to watch baseball (we went to the Twins Sox game...way to go Twins), have a beer and burger, sit with my woman, and start a great weekend.

I'm thinking......FINALLY, a few hours alone with Sean. Time to talk about this laundry list of topics that has been escaping us for the last three weeks or so. I'm aslo thinking I hate baseball, but I truly desired to be with him and to check out the new stadium, which was amazing - oh and our seats were unreal: three rows up from the third base line.

So you can just imagine how the start of the 'date' went with Sean's expectations here and mine someplace in Uganda. One could say I caught him off guard, my bad....and by the fourth inning I decided to pull out this book that Joel Button gave Sean last Sunday while enjoying their hospitality during a BBC picnic.

The Duties of Parents by J.C. Ryle. It's a thin little book with a light green cover and a picture of a leaf on the front. I like little books. I like that I only need a couple days to get through the book and most of the time I can bring to mind the first part of the book as I finish the last part of the book, unlike the Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs that I've been trying to get through for several years....I know, I know. I need like a trip to Bora Bora to finish that one cover to cover....ah, a woman can dream!

Ryle, is very direct and to the point, which for me - one of little concentration, is a blessing. One of the points that I will mention here is the 'habit of prayer'. Here are a few quotes:

1. 'Prayer is the very life-breath of true religion. It is one of the first evidences that a man is born again.' What a great observation! I have a dear friend that sometimes finds herself in a struggle with assurance, my dear girl keep praying! Why would you pray if you weren't truly His?

2. 'Prayer is the peculiarity of all real Christians now. They pray - for they tell God their wants, their feelings, their desires, their fears; and mean what they say. The nominal Christian my repeat prayers, and good prayers too, but he goes no further.'

3. Prayer is one great secret of spiritual prosperity. When there is much private communion with God, your soul will grow like the grass after rain; when there is little, all will be at a standstill, you will barely keep your soul alive. Show me a growing Christian, a flourishing Christian and sure am I, he is one that speaks often with the Lord. He asks much, and has much.

A few things that spoke to me as I read. I will share more as I find moments of time to read through this lovely book. Be praying parents. Be praying wives. Be praying husbands. Be praying children of God.

And, our night ended quite well. By the nineth inning we were talking. On the train ride to the Mall we were talking some more. The drive home talking more, and by the time we got home, we were done talking....

04 July 2010


Independance Day 5K Race:

The running crew:

My running partner:

Finished without walking!
One of the best days!

02 July 2010

Reason #3

I know I said that I would post reasons why I am glad to be a stay at home Momma every once in a while, but this one is a worthy of mention now.

We are at my mom's house having a pre-dinner snack Evelyn and my nephew Robie (pronounced Rowbee) were having adult table talk:

R: "You know what I like to do Evy? I try not to chew my blueberries. I try to swallow them whole so I can see them in my poop."
E: "Oh ya, me too."

a few minutes later.

E: (coughing) "I can't get this one down."
Me: "Evelyn, please chew your blueberries."
Reason #3
4:26 in the evening I can help my daughter not choke eating blueberries. :)