06 August 2010

I have a seven year old.

I need to do some writing! I have a few ideas, but nothing is moving me enough to put on my blog. As I am sitting here struggling to get inspired.....there she is. Standing up watching a little movie alone about a chameleon (she isn't downstairs with everyone else watching Prince Caspian because she knows there are scary parts in the movie and doesn't want to have bad dreams). She is wearing a pink plaid skirt, of course! she is always wearing a skirt, a pink and blue swim shirt her cousin just gave her, and a swim suit under all that so she is ready to go to the pool as soon as Dad and Mom give the 'ok'.

We celebrated her birthday in Colorado. On the 30th, which is her day, we were walking through the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. She looked up in awe, climbed, jumped, held tight to her papa, ran, flew, took pictures, drank water, picked up rock, played in the dirt, sat quietly, and said 'this is the best birthday ever!'

You see, even if we were just hanging out at our house in Inver Grove she would have said the same thing 'this is the best birthday ever!' She loves life and reading and being happy and she is sweet and tender and maternal and loving and giving and forgiving and selfless (most of the time) and funny and innocent (you know what i mean!!) and vibrant and daring and little girl and free. I wish I could be more like her sometimes.

The day she was born was a sunny and hot July afternoon. She changed my life (and our marriage) forever the second she was placed in my arms....

'a howling delight a baby to wake me all through the night!'

I love Evelyn Grace Ann Fee.

I thank God that He has allowed me the great blessing of being her momma.