28 February 2011

Don't hate me because I'm Beauterus

I’ve been around for 38 years now and have learned about compliments.

“Oh, those are cute shoes!’ I say ‘Thank you’
“That song was beautiful’ I say “Praise the Lord for His grace.”
“I love that skirt! Where did you get it?” I say 'GoodWill!’

The other day I went in for my ‘yearly’ after about 3 years. Seriously, how can anyone look forward to that? The last time I was to the ‘woman doctor’ I was just pregnant with Jesse and I used a midwife. I was looking to get a prescription for something as well so I had to call a friend of mine to get a referral for an OBGYN. It was a great referral! Dr. Reddy at HealthPartners in Woodbury. She was very kind with a fantastic bedside manner.
I was sitting in the room waiting for her to come in hoping I would get a cotton robe to wear instead of those super fancy PAPER ones they give you sometimes. She walks in and so does ‘Patty’. Patty is her student.
“This is Patty. She is a student that is shadowing with me. Is it ok if she sits in?’
I say, “of course!”
We do the standard chatting, I get my instructions, they leave, and I put my luxurious cotton(!) robe on!
Knock knock….check here, check there….you might feel a little pressure…..
“Wow’ Dr. Reddy says - FYI, that is not something you want to hear when you are in the stirrups mid-exam.
‘Is everything OK?’ I ask trying to not totally freak!
“Oh yes, You have a wonderful uterus” she says. “Do you mind if Patty could examine you?’
‘I would be honored! Anything to help advance woman’s medicine.” You know I totally said that!
Side note: This was Patty’s first time examining anyone. I’ll just leave it at that, oh except I gave her a ‘thumbs-up’ during the laborious process.
Now, one would think my fabulous doctor’s visit ended there, but no! I had to get blood work done as well and the tech there was telling me what great veins I had! Seriously….if I were single and that was a bar….are you kidding me?!?!