23 September 2010


Some of you may have noticed I updated my photos on the side of my blog, well actually I have deleted one.
The picture of Andy, the dog. I am really happy to announce that Andy has been adopted!!! He has moved to Lakeville and is enjoying lots of older kids and a huge yard and people who are able to take him for long walks and play with him all the time and I am completely thrilled.
He is such a good boy and I felt so bad for him living here in this tiny house, tiny yard, tiny kids, tiny amounts of time to be given to an animal.....lots of tiny going on here. He is doing very well in his new home and we all couldn't be happier!
Just thought ya'll should know.

21 September 2010

at night......

everyone is in bed. kitchen is clean. table wiped off. if it's a good night floor is swept. dryer running the last load. house is quiet and i have the excited nervous feeling....i can hardly wait.

the air is warm and humid, maybe with a slight breeze. recently it has been cooler. sometimes the smell of a fire is lingering. the moon bright and the stars are out or cloudy and very dark.

turn my ipod on and find my music, no skip this song and the next and the next and the next, oh yes, this is the one. recently there has been no ipod just the sound of me breathing and my feet on the sidewalk or on the street when the sprinklers are running, sometimes on the grass.

people are winding down for the night and watching the news on their big screen tv's. most houses are dark and the streets quiet with a sleepy glow from the street lamps hanging over me every block to light my way....until the bridge. the bridge is very dark with no lights. i like it.

the cares of my day falling to the ground with each step and every drop of sweat. feeling like the only person around for many miles in the middle of the city.

this is why i love to run at night.

15 September 2010

It's OK

I have lost a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Fatty was at the table eating it, or should have been eating it. He doesn't smell like peanut butter. There is no evidence on clothes or face that he has consumed any peanut butter. I have checked the table, the floor, the bench and chairs, even my cute brown purse he has be carrying around all morning.
Oh well, I guess I will wait for a few days and follow the line of ants that will lead me to the small colony feasting on the very good PB and J.

I will not smell the dog's breath.

01 September 2010

Reason #4 Why I love being a stay at home mom....

4:23 pm Monday:

Screaming and yelling ~ crying. "Cole, Nora come to mom". Explanation.

I love being a stay at home mom because at 4 in the afternoon I can take my 5 year old boy aside, discipline him and explain to him the following:

1. You are a fierce courageous knight.
2. Nora is a fair maiden
3. Knights protect fair maidens.
4. Dragons attack the maidens........you are acting like a dragon.

Then I hear "Nora, do you forgive me for being a dragon (and for those of you who don't know Cole, he can't say the letter 'r'). Nora starts laughing and in her overly dramatic chubby little way says, "Mom (with her head tilted and her pudgy hand on her hip), Cole just said he was a dragon.....he's not a dragon (for those of you who don't know Nora, she has a lisp).