24 November 2011

It's been a long time

HI! Happy Thanksgiving! Isn't He good!

Well, I know it's been a long time and I have really missed blogging! I needed to take a break from the world wide web for a while. I feel like the Lord has been good in accomplishing what He needed to do with me and Sean and I are ready for re-entry!

So I am shutting down this blog and starting another one with my fabulously talented husband: snjfee.blogspot.com

I hope you come follow us there! It should be fun.

28 February 2011

Don't hate me because I'm Beauterus

I’ve been around for 38 years now and have learned about compliments.

“Oh, those are cute shoes!’ I say ‘Thank you’
“That song was beautiful’ I say “Praise the Lord for His grace.”
“I love that skirt! Where did you get it?” I say 'GoodWill!’

The other day I went in for my ‘yearly’ after about 3 years. Seriously, how can anyone look forward to that? The last time I was to the ‘woman doctor’ I was just pregnant with Jesse and I used a midwife. I was looking to get a prescription for something as well so I had to call a friend of mine to get a referral for an OBGYN. It was a great referral! Dr. Reddy at HealthPartners in Woodbury. She was very kind with a fantastic bedside manner.
I was sitting in the room waiting for her to come in hoping I would get a cotton robe to wear instead of those super fancy PAPER ones they give you sometimes. She walks in and so does ‘Patty’. Patty is her student.
“This is Patty. She is a student that is shadowing with me. Is it ok if she sits in?’
I say, “of course!”
We do the standard chatting, I get my instructions, they leave, and I put my luxurious cotton(!) robe on!
Knock knock….check here, check there….you might feel a little pressure…..
“Wow’ Dr. Reddy says - FYI, that is not something you want to hear when you are in the stirrups mid-exam.
‘Is everything OK?’ I ask trying to not totally freak!
“Oh yes, You have a wonderful uterus” she says. “Do you mind if Patty could examine you?’
‘I would be honored! Anything to help advance woman’s medicine.” You know I totally said that!
Side note: This was Patty’s first time examining anyone. I’ll just leave it at that, oh except I gave her a ‘thumbs-up’ during the laborious process.
Now, one would think my fabulous doctor’s visit ended there, but no! I had to get blood work done as well and the tech there was telling me what great veins I had! Seriously….if I were single and that was a bar….are you kidding me?!?!

30 January 2011

My heart lately. Thank you Lord for using David Crowder.

I've Had Enough

I've had enough
to break me in two
to tear me apart
what am I to do?
what else can I do?

So sing me a song
let me hum along
at the top of my lungs
while I come undone.

What else can I do?
What can I do?

Oh God Where Are You Now

Oh God, hold me now.
Oh Lord, hold me now.
There's no other Man who could raise the dead
so do what You can to anoint my head.

Oh God, where are You now?
Oh Lord, save me somehow.

Oh God, hold me now.
Oh God, touch me now.
There's no other Man who could save the day.
There's no other God who could raise the dead.

31 December 2010

I am not proud, just addicted.

OUR COFFEE POT is BROKEN....i know i know....please don't rent your clothes and cover your head in ashes...I am already doing that.

The first morning I waited until all my little cherubs had eaten breakfast and got dressed before we went and got coffee.

The second morning they ate and we went in PJ's.

The third morning the two babies were up and fed and I was considering going because Evy and Cole could easily stay home while I ran to get my nectar, but I waited. When the bigs got up we went before they had breakfast.

This morning I woke early and got up with Jesse and while Sean was getting ready for work little man and I went to get coffee. I got out of bed (nothing brushed - neither teeth nor hair), put on my boots, threw on my long blue 'house sweater' and yes, still wearing my pj's.

I was juuuust about to pull into the drive thru when I recalled how difficult it was to get the van doors opened as they were frozen.....crap! I couldn't get the window down. I tried like six times and no go. So in we go. Me in my messy hair, no makeup, not even getting the sleep out of my eyes, and PJ's and my baby with no coat on ~ in to the Starbucks on Robert Street :).

I order my divine java and we are waiting for the drinks. Just ahead of us is this sweet little woman waiting for her as well. She looks at me and we exchange smiles, then she does the full head to toe look at me....she wasn't even discrete. I was laughing and she was politely smiling. She got her drink, turned to leave and I said 'Have a Good Morning' with a big smile.

I love coffee!

28 December 2010

Winter Running

I have finally found the 'woolies' I was instructed to wear for my tight thin base layer in running outside.....my my my they cost a pretty penny.

Here's my prediction. First outside run in my wooly dooly's (meant to sound like whitey tighties or pickle dickle) and I slip on the ice and break my a** only to end my short and not so fanfreakingtastic running career. That is just the way I roll.

20 December 2010


As I have gotten older the moments in my life where the Lord has spoken clearly to me is growing. One time audibly (go ahead, think I'm crazy, I don't mind), but mostly it is an overwhelming sense that moves me and I just know....I felt such an urgency to finish my tree skirt, and to write about it. And a desire to tell you about my Nan and let her know how much I have enjoyed her visits.
As some of you know, she went to be with her Saviour on December 10th. I was fortunate enough to be at the funeral and honored to sing at her service. She looked so beautiful! Sometimes when our loved ones are prepared for a viewing they look grey and not themselves. Well, that was not the case with Nanny. I would not have been surprised if she would have opened her eyes and said hello she looked so much like herself. She was dressed in an hot pink suit and diamond earrings, and a beautiful pearl necklace. Nanny always looked classy. I have many 'hand me downs' from my grandmother!! I know that sounds funny, but she had great taste!
My brother's eulogy highlighted several things, but what my heart held dear was James 1:27
'Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world'. She did both of these. My aunt Brenda was adopted and Nanny's dear friend was a widower that lived down the road from her and they loved one another and took very good care of each other (we were so worried about what they would do without one another). Ray, the widower, passed away that morning hours before Nanny.
Pauline lived a life devoted to her Lord and to those that surrounded her. She left an amazing legacy and for that I am thankful. I don't think that I will ever get used to the fact that she is gone. I love her dearly.

09 December 2010

Christmas Tree Skirt

To the dismay of some, I was not working on my Christmas Eve outfit. I was working on a Christmas Tree Skirt.

This pattern of poinsettia and holly leaves with berries is from my dad's mom Evelyn, after whom my daughter was named.

The work of sewing bead over sequin to fully cover the felt material was done by my mother and her mom, Nanny.

What a beautiful memory and labor of love by those most important in my life. This will be in our family for many generations.