31 December 2010

I am not proud, just addicted.

OUR COFFEE POT is BROKEN....i know i know....please don't rent your clothes and cover your head in ashes...I am already doing that.

The first morning I waited until all my little cherubs had eaten breakfast and got dressed before we went and got coffee.

The second morning they ate and we went in PJ's.

The third morning the two babies were up and fed and I was considering going because Evy and Cole could easily stay home while I ran to get my nectar, but I waited. When the bigs got up we went before they had breakfast.

This morning I woke early and got up with Jesse and while Sean was getting ready for work little man and I went to get coffee. I got out of bed (nothing brushed - neither teeth nor hair), put on my boots, threw on my long blue 'house sweater' and yes, still wearing my pj's.

I was juuuust about to pull into the drive thru when I recalled how difficult it was to get the van doors opened as they were frozen.....crap! I couldn't get the window down. I tried like six times and no go. So in we go. Me in my messy hair, no makeup, not even getting the sleep out of my eyes, and PJ's and my baby with no coat on ~ in to the Starbucks on Robert Street :).

I order my divine java and we are waiting for the drinks. Just ahead of us is this sweet little woman waiting for her as well. She looks at me and we exchange smiles, then she does the full head to toe look at me....she wasn't even discrete. I was laughing and she was politely smiling. She got her drink, turned to leave and I said 'Have a Good Morning' with a big smile.

I love coffee!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I work at that Starbucks, Julie! Trust me, we see much worse...thru the drive-thru!

  2. You should have told her you were running to the gas station next for your pack of Marb lights. ;)

  3. very funny... your addictions could be much worse :)